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Arizona Infectious Disease offers live, two-way interaction between the patient and the provider using audiovisual telecommunications technology for follow-up visits.

Terms and Conditions

1.  TeleHealth appointments are reserved for office or hospital follow-ups.  The initial appointment requires an in-person visit.

2.  Written or verbal consent for telehealth services.
3.  Internet.
4.  Computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone capable of receiving the telehealth link via email or text message (SMS).
5.  Submit new patient paperwork filled and signed at least one day before your appointment (needs to be updated annually).
6. Submit two forms of identification to verify your identity.
7.  Submit the front and back of your insurance card.  Needed to verify the policy and claim address.
8.  Credit card on file.
9.  A 24-hour notice is required to cancel your appointment.  
10.  If you are a no-show for your telehealth appointment, you will require an in-person appointment to continue your care with us.   


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