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Aman K. Dalal, MD

At Arizona Infectious Disease, Dr. Aman Dalal and his knowledgeable team identify the root cause of a full range of infectious diseases. They treat their patients with pinpoint precision to restore optimal health and quality of life. Dr. Dalal is passionate about treating an array of acute and chronic infectious diseases and has extensive experience treating cellulitis, UTI, pneumonia, MRSA infections, surgical wound infections, diabetic wound infections, osteomyelitis, and Valley fever. Dr. Dalal and his team are committed to preventing and helping patients protect themselves from infection. When disease occurs, they are focused on holistic, long-term care to help restore your quality of life. His many years in the field have allowed him to successfully treat infectious diseases.


Dr. Dalal has relationships with multiple hospitals in the state of Arizona, which makes it easy to provide a continuum of care for any patient with a longitudinal need. Dr. Dalal is also committed to the safe use of antibiotics and actively participates in Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship. The entire care team at Arizona Infectious Disease provides custom and compassionate care for your unique healthcare needs. Call the office to schedule a personal consultation or use the online scheduler to book at your convenience. 

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